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Muffie Guthrie

New to the Looking Back Team, Muffie along with husband Jeff joined the team in the fall of 2015.  Together this pair founded and oversee the Canadian Hunter Derby series which put on 30 events across Canada in 2015.


Muffie always a competitor in the Amateur Owner Hunter Division where she has won numerous championships on many different mounts.  She is consistently in the ribbons in the Amateur Owners with her current partner Lucky 2 Knight.  This duo finished 4th in the overall Ontario standings for the Amateur Owner division last year.     


Also in 2015 Muffie placed in all but 2 of the Hunter Derby classes that were held in Ontario, which made her the overall series winner of the Prince of Thieves trophy for the Eastern Champion.  She also ventured out to the West Coast and won Round 2 of the Western Championship. 


This 2016 winter, Muffie has been competing with both Lucky and Damiro in Wellington, Florida in the Amateur Owners; consistently in the ribbons. 




2003 Gelding by Lambada van Berkenbroeck


2005 Gelding by Lucky Boy

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